How to clean your carpet

Carpet is a decorative floor covering generally made of jute, synthetic fiber or woven wool. Usually, fancy minded peoples use this to enhance the beauty of their houses. It bears the sign of aristocracy. Along with beautification, it serves many purposes like insulation, sound proofing, making floor comfortable and so on. Most probably carpet is being used by people since 2nd/3rd BC. Previously hackle of sheep, goat were used to fabricate carpet. Nowadays synthetic fiber Nylon, polyester, polyethylene etc. are widely used to make carpet, for their cheap rate and long lasting property. Though it’s harmful to nature, cleanness is a part of beautification. Like others, cleaning carpet is also very essential. A carpet must be cleaned in every 12 to 18 months, because the strain of carpet catches dust particles much. It reduces shininess of carpet, which makes the looks of the room worst. Sometimes it creates malodor and causes allergies and different skin diseases. Cleaning carpet regularly increases its life span, protects growing up bacteria and allergens like the microbe. Carpet can be cleaned in various ways. Some of them are discussed below:

Natural Carpet Cleaner:
It’s a matter of great surprise that, carpet cleaners are hidden in our kitchen. Though those are the most common thing, it’s never come in mind that we can use them as the carpet cleaner. Those are Common Salt & Baking soda. Which chemically known as Sodium chloride & Sodium bicarbonate. Common salt help to remove dirt from strain and baking soda removes malodor. It’s often seen that sticky materials like chewing gum are attached to the strain of carpet. An ice cube can be used to remove this and vinegar mixed warm water can be used to remove bad smell.
Using Powder:
A special type powder called Cleaner Powder is used to clean carpet. Sprinkle the powder on the carpet for some time then vacuum up the powder. It ensures more cleanness. This method is widely used in companies.
By Using Shampoo:
Another mostly used carpet cleaning process is using carpet shampoo. There are many brands of carpet shampoo. The solution of should be made according to directed ways. Use the solution as per need. Using excess amount detergent won’t be wise because it increases the Drying time and also causes harm of color of the carpet.
Using Shaving Cream:
It’s used to remove the rigid spot. This should be applied on strain directly and allowed to set it. Then blot it with dry clothes and make finished by whipping with wet clothes.
Using Ice Cube:
It is used to remove sticky substances like gum.
Using Hydrogen Peroxide:
This chemical is mainly used to remove spot made by drops of dry blood. Firstly dry blood drops will loosen with water then scrape it as much as possible. Now directly apply hydrogen peroxide to the strain. It will form foam immediately then remove it with dry clothes.
Carpet should be kept clean because it makes Carpet long lasting, shining, stop growing microbe. So we will keep the carpet clean.

For more information, visit a carpet doctor for all your carpet needs today!